7 May 2012

Damage to mizzen sail

This photo shows the damage to the mizzen. Bad damage to two panels, but a lot of chafe in the third panel as well. The ideal would be to replace all three panels, but a smaller patch would probably work just as well. The leach edging strip is undamaged and the panels are quite flat, so hopefully repairs are possible.

The burn marks on the lower section are very strange. The largest burn is on the side of the mast sleeve, and then get progressively smaller as you go out. The mizzen was rolled around the mast, so how this inside out burn occurred is beyond me. Should be easy to stitch a small patch over each hole. I'll treat myself to a new sail one day.


  1. Silly suggestion, lightning?

  2. I think that would have done more damage! I can only think it was an ember from a bonfire that somehow lodged inside the folds.

  3. My commiserations - you really are having a bad start to the season...

    With regard to those holes - is there anything to show on the mast??

  4. I didn't think to look at the mast at the time, I presumed the burn went from out to in, which is logical. I will look at it in detail when I am back down in a couple of weeks. I have found a sail repairer in Poole who can fix the sail, so hopefully I will have a full set again in the near future. The weather has been so foul I haven't missed much sailing so far.