31 May 2012

I've got my new sail.

Went over to Cardigan to pick up my new sail from Swallowboats. Absolute hive of activity there, with Bayraiders (20 and 17ft) BayRaider expeditions (which are proving popular) and Baycruiser 23s all over the  place, plus several projects in hand. Could barely move for boats in build, which is very good to see these days.

The new sail is different in design from the original and made by Hyde Sails rather than Jeckels, who made the original. I have a modified sail number now. It used to be BC 01. Now it is BC20 001, which shows ambition. Plus a nice little Swallow symbol.

I have fitted the sail to the new boom and will take it to the boat on Saturday. Sail cover still to come.

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  1. Great news - looking forward to following your adventures on the water through the summer