21 May 2012

Mizzen back on boat but stillno mainsail (9.4nm 40.6nm total)

I picked up the mizzen from Concept Sails Ltd. They have used plain white for the patch and have made a good job of it. Three day turn around and £25 total, so I am very pleased. The fact they are so close to the marina is another benefit. I hope I don't need them again, but glad to know that I can. The slight colour difference doesn't worry me. I think it gives a rather "patched blue water sailor" feel to the boat.

Still no sign of my new main sail, but hopefully it will be here soon. Saw BayCruiser no3 out sailing, now renamed Sigma Six. Looking wonderful and shooting along with full sail set (envy). I was just about reaching 2kts if I was lucky. It was the first time out for her new owner and he looked very pleased. He has got a nice boat there.

Reinforced the glued repair on the boom gallows with a long screw, so all should be solid now. Just need warn weather and a full set of sails now.

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