8 July 2012

Sail bag here, but no sailing this week

The weather has been so poor that I have not been out for nearly two weeks. The outlook is still bad. My sail bag has arrived and is all ready to be fitted to the boom. I hope that I will get down there again soon.
I am thinking of building a canoe over the winter, and a linen covered, linseed-resin boat from Flaxland has caught my eye. I saw it at the Beale Park Show, and the builders are based just a couple of miles form me, so I have been over to have a couple of looks at the prototype being built. The boast consists of a linen covering over softwood stringers, which is then sealed with a linseed based resin which set sin UV light. It means you have all the time you want to lay on the resin, and then it is stood out in the sunlight for an hour or two to cure the resin. It seems to work. I am intrigued.

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