2 March 2013

Varnishing the canoe timbers (2 hours)

All of the canoe timbers need to be varnished before the covering is applied. Apparently the linseed resin just doesn't stick to bare timber, but will stick if it has been primed with Tonkinoise varnish, which always smells good and goes on easily. The canoe designer, Simon Cook, came to have a look at the job so far last weekend, and was very pleased with how it was going. The next stage now really is the covering. I need a whole, sunny day to do it, and relatively warm, so probably not for a couple of weeks. it is feeling springlike at last, but still cold.
I have started refitting everything into Daisy Grace, but I still need to paint the outside of the hull. All sanded and taped, but too cold just now.
I am amazed to see that this blog has been looked at over 100,000 times. I only started it as a basic log of the boat for my own benefit. Interesting that others seem to find it worth looking at.

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