27 February 2013

Changes to mizzen sheet cleats

I have made one of those small and obvious changes, where you wonder why you never did it before. My mizzen sheet cam cleats are fixed on the aft edge of the cockpit coaming. They work fine, but the tail of the sheet often ended up loose, down at the far end of the cockpit, and I had to scrabble around looking for it. I looked into various ways of securing the loose end, but they all got in the way of handling the line. I suddenly realised all I had to do was replace the cleat with a small fair lead on the coaming, and move the cleats themselves further forward in the cockpit. The bases of the boom gallows form a perfect protected spot (you can't lean back on the cleat there). Took all of five minutes to sort out.

Daisy G is all taped up, ready for the hull to be painted, but it is too cold to think of doing that just now. Hopefully the weekend will be warmer.

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