4 May 2013

Getting near the end on the canoe (3 hours)

Fully fixed the keel and bilge rubbing strips. Carefully screwing through the skin, with a layer of sealant around each screw hole. Left for a few hours before final tightening of the screws, so the sealant didn't get squished out. Then applied a thin layer of resin on the inside, which cured quickly in the sunlight.

Outside I cut and fitted the supports for one end deck and then cut and stapled some linen over the end. Applied one coat of resin, of which I have very little left. Trimmed the cloth around the stem, but very hard to cut it neatly. I just need to complete the other deck, screw on the gunwale strips and the building is finished. But quite a lot of varnishing then needed inside and out to protect the resin and hopefully make it fully watertight.

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