6 May 2013

Good sailing day but so much fog (15.6nm. 44.4nm total))

Fog blowing in over Brownsea Island
 Lovely sailing day down at Poole, but so much fog about. The sea is still so cold that fog is just forming over it. Brownsea Island was invisible from 100m away, and then suddenly it was clear and bathed in sun. I set out for Old Harry rocks and Studland, but half a mile out of the harbour, I couldn't see the entrance behind me. Well out of my comfort zone, so I turned around and followed my GPS track back. By the afternoon it was glorious, but I think fog will carry on being a problem until the  sea warms.

Spent some time sailing just jib and mizzen, just for the peace and quiet. The motor well blanking plate does work, but it is such a fiddle to get it in place I think I will revert to the plastic strips again next year. Spent the last hour tacking against wind and tide. Made steady progress, but you can't risk missing a single tack, you are right back where yo started if you do.

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