2 May 2013

Keel and bilge rubbing strips cut to length and drilled (1/2 hr)

As always, it is the little fiddly bits which take so much unexpected time. The canoe hull has three rubbing strips fitted underneath to give some abrasion resistance. These need to be carefully drilled, with countersinks both sides, before they can be fitted. The screws will go through the fabric into the timbers underneath, and the holes are waterproofed with Sikaflex mastic. The countersinks underneath are there to allow a full grommet of mastic to form around each screw hole. The keel also needs to be bent slightly into place. The instructions recommend bending and holding, but I have used a heat gun to put a little permanent bend in, to relieve any strain on the fixings. Need a clear period to do the drilling and screwing, so not just now. Gave a final coat of resin around each stem, which needs to be sunned still.

The resin has set very hard. I have used too much in some areas, where the weave is completely filled and there are a few dribble marks. But it should be water tight, I hope...

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