21 September 2010

Boat shed advances in fits and starts

My boat shed is coming on. The slab was cast today so I can finally see the layout. Looks enormous like this. Daisy G will sit on the long leg of the L whilst the right had leg will be a workshop. It will be timber from here on up, so shouldn't take too long to build. The builder reckons about a month. Getting the boat in will be fiddly as the lane is too narrow to just back straight in. I will have to unhitch the trailer, swing it around and hope I have enough oomph to push it back in.

Thinking of workshops, I have been carrying out some very rough and ready tests on the strength of epoxy/ply filleted joints. I was interested to see if the fibreglass tape is really necessary on the inside. Results were interesting and I have been posting them on the Wooden Boat forum:


  1. Corr - lucky Daisy Grace, poor old Papillon will sit in the sailing club yard for the winter...! :o)

  2. Hi, I am interested to see what you are going to build on the slab as I am looking to build a large shed/garage myself.