5 September 2010

Progress, of sorts, on Peanut

I am still toying with the idea of building a Peanut Pram. I have gone as far as buying a bag of cable ties to hold it all together. I have also done what they always says you should do, and built a small card model. Surprisingly easy. I just printed out the basic plan to fit an A4 page. Then pricked through the plans onto thin card to mark the points, joined the dots, sliced out the parts and sellotaped them together. It really does show you how the panels have to twist to form the shape. It is surprisingly elegant and very satisfying to do. The only change I have made is to put in a longitudinal seat. I have got long legs and I really need a lot of leg room. This would give a chance of getting it right. You can't row with bent knees.

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