20 May 2011

I"ve cracked my boat!

Not seriously but it hurts nevertheless. Motored out from my mooring in a strong wind. While I  was getting the mizzen out I was blown onto a moored boat and bagged my topsides. Nasty long crack which will need grinding, filling and fairing. I will have a go at patching it tomorrow. I will dry out near low tide and try to get some filler into it to keep the water out. But right now I am anchored in the evening sun off Shipstal Point. (Blogging afloat, there's a first!)


  1. Now I am jealous blogging afloat. Hope crack is not too bad.


  2. Blogging aflot (sic) maybe, but the water has got into your spell checker... :o)))

    Sorry to hear about the bang - hope the patching goes OK...

  3. Trying to type on aminature keyboard on a bobbing boat is not easy! It's like touch typing on a flat cheet of glass.