20 November 2011

Cabin works advancing

I have fitted a false back to one of the backrests in the cabin. This gives just enough room for a few A2 sized charts to be slid in behind the seat. I have had the charts laminated at a local print shop so they should be fairly indestructible.

I have built up two simple little book shelves on the forward cabin shelf. I had fitted an MDF base to the shelf a year ago, and the bookshelf sides are just screwed to it. They will only hold a few, but that is all I carry. I carefully masked all round the wood so that I could oil it without staining the MDF. Finished the job by knocking over the bottle of linseed oil, sending it flying over everything. So much for preparation.


  1. What do you use/do to attach the battens/blocks to the hull that you build your shelves onto??? Epoxy? Glue?

  2. The basic shelf was put in by the builder. Two battens epoxied to the hull either side with two cross boards and the hardwood front screwed to the edges of one board. I dropped in a piece of MDF to stop things falling through between the boards. I have screwed the bookshelf supports with screws coming up through the MDF. I'll post a photo of the setup on the blog