31 December 2011

Tiller extension

I have started making a tiller extension. I didn't want to use an of the peg one, partly because they seem so expensive for a bit of aluminium tube. I bought a hinge and cut a piece of softwood to fit. I want it to lie neatly along the tiller, so this required a slight curve, which was the other problem with a bought one, they are straight. I curved it by using a hot air gun on the underside whilst I bent it in a vice. Worked just nicely, with a slight scorch mark under the curve, which lenads an artisan air to it. It was slightly loose at the hinge so I stiffened it up with two glued wedges, which stick out on the photo. These have now been cut back. I glued a cheek on each side of the handle area and will carve them to a comfortable grip.

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