6 December 2011

New navigation lights ready for fitting

I have got my navigation lights from Piplers of Poole. Neat little LED lumps which are designed for RIBS but I think they will be just fine for me.  They should draw under 2W between them.

I have fitted the stern light without much trouble. The side lights will have to wait until I have painted the booms gallow support and screwed it in place. Then I can put one at each end.

I have wired them in temporarily to check that the basic idea works and it does. I shall feel much safer sailing around in the gloaming, which often happens to me when I am looking for good anchorage in the evening.


  1. They are looking good, the bracket for the stern light is very smart. Are you happy with the quality of solar panel? I am looking to get a 10w panel and leisure battery and it's always good to get a recommendation.
    Cheers and happy christmas


  2. The 10W panel seems to work for me. I have it charging a little 20Ahr battery and it seems to keep it charged enough for weekend sailing. I only had it for a couple of months last year, so it will get its first full season's trial next year.

  3. Do you know now we have submersible led trailer lights, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and trucks. All vehicle and trailer lights have to meet minimum standards for light intensity, direction and reflectivity. LED's have a huge advantage with there crisp, clear light that they give.

  4. Hi Hamlin
    The LED nav lights are completely sealed in themselves. The back of the LED is a solid block of epoxy with two wires coming out of it. The problem I find is how to make the connection between those wires and the power lines to the battery waterproof. I have tried to shield them inside the plastic domes of the light units, but that won't protect them if they were submerged (heaven forbid).