22 January 2012

Anchor rope

Long outstanding job done. I have fitted a large cleat in one of the anchor lockers for the end of the anchor rode. Only just room to get a hand drill into the locker to drill into the samson post for the cleat. I usually store the anchor in the starboard locker and the rode in the port. They will all go into one, but it is very tight and you don't want to be struggling trying to get the anchor away on the fore deck. I have toyed with the idea of chocks for the anchor on the deck. I'll think further on that.

I have put a proper eye splice in the end of the anchor rode. First one I have made for years. I learnt how to do them 24 years ago in my "shore based competent crew course". I really ought to get a more advanced qualification some day...

I still can't decide if the hull needs a new coat of paint. I will do it if I can find a cheap tin of Donegal Green at the West Midlands boat jumble in a fortnight. If there isn't any, I will just touch up scratches with the half tin I have still got.


  1. Power to our elbow on that splice... mine always look rubbish, which is a shame given I need to renew the chain to warp splice on Pap!

  2. Eye splices either go OK or go pear shaped. This one had to be unravelled half way through but I managed to retrieve it.