30 January 2012

Keeping a warm bed.

I was in  DIY emporium and spotted a roll of insulation which consisted of a layer of bubble wrap sandwiched between two toughened layers of aluminium foil. I thought that it could go under the  cushions to make the bunks a bit softer (the cushions are thin) and should make them warmer as well. So I bought a roll and cut it to go under the Vee berth. There is enough to go under the short side bench, but I'll need another roll if I want to do the quarter berth. It certainly feels warmer to sit on than the hard plywood. It can't do any harm. Easy to cut and a bit of double sided tape holds it in place. I have cut out the hatches, so they can still be lifted.


  1. Nice
    Does not need to be pricy to work!

  2. I hope it does work. Can't cause any problems that I can see, and it might even add a little to the buoyancy. Looks terrible with the cushions off, but invisible with them on

  3. Well.....
    The old camping trick is to use insulatet mats cut to the shape of the tent and taped together. That works perfect. A bit more of a hazzle to clean ofc, but then there is less ants and pine-needles in a boat!