5 February 2012

Dyneema forestay

I went to my pre-season opening event today, the West Midlands Boat Jumble. Well down on buyers and sellers because of the appalling weather. I bought a tin of boot top antifouling which was half price. Sadly, when I got it home I found I had picked up dark blue instead of white.

But on a happier note I found a 10m length of 6mm dyneema, which I have used to make a new forestay. Now all standing rigging is dyneema. I followed instructions on eye splicing dyneema from this gliding site, and it really was quite straight forward. I only had a normal half open Swedish fid, but managed to bury a great length of the tail using it.

First eye, which tightens as the load goes on.

Second splice, with the tail buried, but sticking out the side waiting to be tapered.

Completed second eye. It was really quite easy, but it is strange feeling rope. The final length came out 5cm shorter than I intended, due to the  thickening in the long bury I presume. There are a few bends in the rope and some looseness around the splices, so I think most of it will pull out. I can't really test it until I raise the mast. But I am pleased.

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