21 October 2012

Latest project, build a canoe

I have just picked up the kit for a salmonboat Chinook canoe. This is what it should look like when finished:

This is what it looks like now, a roll of linen, three CNC plywood panels of frames and thwarts, a bundle of softwood stringers, a flask of activated linseed oil and various additives, threads and glues. The idea is that the frames and stringers are covered in the linen, which is soaked in the activated linseed oil. When exposed to UV light this cures to a firm resin. If it doesn't I shall get very wet, but it should do.

This will keep me busy for the winter. Need to finish various bits on Daisy G first, and then I need to build the building base.


  1. Excellent - pls post regularly on progress!

  2. Pops - this canoe clearly comes with a dog. I look forward to meeting the dog!

  3. It's a lovely dog, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the box.