28 June 2013

Building strongback made. I'm feeling quite professional

I have made a strong back for the canoe build, using the technique set out in the book "Ultra Light Boatbuilding". "All" you have to do is bolt together two 1x6 Boards, force them apart in the middle with a spreader board, and job done. Ha. Forcing two strong boards apart when they are bolted together at the ends is a hell of a job. The recommendation is that it should be spread to 6" less than the width of the canoe. I couldn't get anywhere near that. It should be 22", I have got to about 16" and can't see getting any further. It involved a lot of hammering and swearing and the boards suddenly springing back together and trapping me. But I think this will work. It is quite stable. I placed two winding rods across it and they are absolutely parallel, which was a huge relief, because I didn't know what I would do if they weren't. I will probably make a pare of dedicated saw horses to support it at some stage.


  1. Hello Julian, Robert here. I have been keeping an eye your blog for a year or so, in particular concerning Daisy Grace. I spoke to Matt Newland at the boat show in Southampton & am very interested in his cruising boat designs. Cardigan Bay is some distance from Southampton and I wondered if you would consider allowing my wife & I on board sometime? I would of course quite understand if you would rather not. Regards, Robert

  2. Hi Robert
    I would be delighted to show off my boat to you, if you get an opportunity. I keep her at Parkstone Bay Marina in Poole Harbour. I am hoping to get down there next weekend, July 5-7. The trip to Cardigan is also worht making as it is a beautiful spot an dit is fascinating to see the boats being built. There is a BC20 in build there at the moment I think. If you email me on julian.swindell@gmail.com, we coudl make arrangements

  3. Hi Julian, Hi Julian, thank you for rapid and very kind response. I can't make it this weekend unfortunately (land-based 3 Line Wip duties). I have sent an email to your gmail account with some alternatives. Thanks again & have a lovely sail - weather looks promising for a change!