3 July 2013

Moulds finished and first strip fitted

I have completed all the moulds and fixed them square to the strong back. I managed to fit nearly half of them to the wrong side of the section lines, even though I was being very careful to get it right. It is fascinating what you can do wrong whilst being very careful. Edges taped to stop sticking. They just didn't look right, with some seeming to go in and some out.

I then fitted the first strip, and it fairs in beautifully. The designer obviously has a better eye than I do. The strip is actually a length of pine parting bead, which is the perfect shape for the shear strip, flat rather than coved on one side and beaded on the other. It is slightly thick, but that makes it strong and I can plane it down eventually.
I had to scarf two bits on parting bead to get it long enough and it worked really well. First scarf joint I have ever made. Planed the two edges, smeared polyurethane glue on the joining faces, and then just clamped them together with two plastic spring clamps. I left it on its edge on the floor and that kept it straight.

Now I am tacking on some lengths of strip at the bow to get an idea of the inner stem bevel. That is going to need some work doing on it, but I think it will be OK.

Some of the strips are going to have to have quite a twist on them. They will be nearly vertical at the bow, and approaching horizontal amidships.  I am beginning to speculate on the difficulties of getting Daisy Grace back in her shed at the end of the season...

Weekend forecast is good, so hope to get afloat at last.


  1. Hi Julian, did you rip your own strips with bead and cove or buy them ready done? I assume you are using cedar? Andy

  2. At the moment I am just experimenting with some strips I bought from a builder's merchants. I am planning to buy ready milled cedar bead and cove strips eventually. I don't have a router table setup to mill my own.