7 March 2010

Cabin lamp

I have finally got a new oil lamp for the cabin. I have looked at various gimballed yacht lamps, but the prices are very high and the quality is a bit doubtful on some I've seen. I spotted this one on a hurricane lamps website and have just hung it. Very pleased with it. A good flame, so the light should be good, plus a reflector to concentrate it on the cabin table. Only £30 which can't be bad. I have also got a very standard hurricane lamp which I hang as an anchor light. It never blows out and will burn well for a whole night.
I have fitted a little plywood infill on top of the folded table, with a piece of vinyl flooring glued to the top. Makes it more comfortable to sit on the folded table whilst playing with the cooker, and also gives a spot to stand on when you enter the cabin, without marking the table. The underside is just plane plywood and I use it for a cutting board when cutting ropes or anything else.
Under the bridge deck you can see my new, extra heavy duty rubber bucket. It is a very tight fit, but it is super strong and should be usable for anything. Even a sea anchor should such a need arise. A bucket is one of the indespensibles on a boat.
It was a sunny day today, so I have managed to paint the cabin top, fore and side decks with ivory paint with a non-slip additive. Went on easily and although there was a very small amount of additive, you can see the texture in the paint. I have also restained most of the woodwork. Miles and miles of masking tape. It seemed to take longer to get off than to put on.

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  1. hello Julian:

    Beautiful oil lamp. Can you inform me where I can find one like yours?

    Thanks and regards