9 March 2010

Mast Stowage

This photo shows the mast stowed, ready for trailing. It is made in two parts, with the intention of leaving the lower section bolted to the tabernacle and the upper part stowed alongside it. This works, but it is quite a job to slot the two parts together without getting all the lines tangled. I found that it is easier to unbolt the mast and slide it forward, all in one piece. It can go far enough forward that there is no significant overhang at the stern. It means when launching you have to rebolt it to the tabernacle, but that is pretty straight foward and foolproof(ish) so that is how I prefer to use it. Matt suggested permanently glueing the two parts together, but it might prove useful to be able to seperate them for storage in the future.
The mast is a very clever carbon fibre moulding. The joint is absolutely precise and solid. The top section tapers, but it is canted slightly backwards so that the rear, mast-track face, is straight and vertical for its whole height. The sail has never jambed going up or down. The mast is light enough for me to carry around easily and to push upright on my own.

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