14 March 2010

Cockpit cover

I have started work on a cockpit cover. I fitted two little wooden blocks just inside the cockpit coaming at the rear. Each has a 10mm hole drilled through it. A flexible fibreglass tent pole fits into these, forming a hoop at the back. I am now chopping up an old tarpaulin to cover the space between it and the spray hood. It is surprisingly rigid, but it will still probably be best to have a lashing to the mizzen mast at the high point. The fore end needs pleating a bit to fit the spray hood more snugly. It gapes on this. Ideally it should zip to the hood, but that is way beyond my sewing skills.
The boat is now all packed away, spars stowed and ready for launch. I just have to fit the tie down straps, load the engine, and she is ready to go. Roll on launch day, near rthe middle of April this year if all goes according to plan.
PS I only noticed after lashing everything down , that with the mast stowed in the lowest level for towing I can't slide the washboards up and out to get into the cabin. I hope I don't need anything out before I raise the mast...


  1. You've been busy!

    March 29th is my launch date - fingers crossed..

  2. I think I spend more time on the boat when she is on the trailer than in the water. But I still look forward to getting afloat.