14 March 2010


I spent a very messy evening epoxying the two parts of my yuloh together. Much harder than it seemed. Screws couldn't pull the two sections together against the viscosity of the glue, so I had to stumble down to the shed in the dark to find some clamps. It all seems to have worked, but needed a fair degree of sanding in the morning to tidy it all up. This is the angle at which is seems confortable in the cockpit. Not a great deal will stick into the water, but maybe it will bury itself as it is used. find out soon.

Seen from the working end. The lanyard attaches to the end of a long eye bolt, which should tilt the oar as it is used. It is just tied to a floor board, but that should work When it is being used there will be someone standing on teh floor boards, holding them down. I have spoke shaved out two hand holds either side of the lanyard as I don't know which hand will be on the oar and which on the rope.

I was very pleased to find that it will actually store down one of the side decks. I may just take it for the Raid, but who knows, I may love it. But it certainly would be in the way if you had to rush to the fore deck at all

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