16 July 2012

Second outing this weekend (16nm 126nm total)

Sunday was St Swithan's day, and the forecast seemed OK, so I went out again. It was a good sailing day, but still no sign of summer. I was wrapped up like an Eskimo and never felt hot. The sail bag works well, it is neat and keeps all trailing lines out of my head space when the sail is stowed. I find trailing reef points, reefing lines etc. drive me mad.  The photo shows that the boom gallows stays nicely out of the way, even when close hauled. Being able to drop the boom into the gallows after the sail is down makes it very much easier to stow the sail away quickly.

A beginner out on a jet ski rammed my bow, for no reason I could see. He just couldn't steer. He chipped my paint through to the wood, but all he did was swear and go on about the damage to his new toy. I was so lost for words I couldn't think what to say to him.  He just shot off mumbling to himself without even saying sorry. I have smeared some Araldite over the scratch and will paint it later. The benefit of having a painted, wooden boat. You can fix most things easily. what I did learn was that I can actually lash the tiller and go into the bow and the boat will hold her course. So much so that I went back and took the second photo from the front. It did emphasise that if I did fall in, she would sail on without me quite happily...

It was a nice day out, but sun and warmth would be welcome. In July!

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