25 July 2012

Summer sailing at last (22nm 148nm total)

Perfect summer weather at last, at least for a few days. My first night on board this year, for a variety of reasons. I sailed out into Poole Bay and around Studland. Then back in to anchor off Jerrie's Point, with just two other boats in sight.
In the morning I failed to get away in time and ended up firmly aground just yards from where I had been anchored. I was going to be stuck for a good two hours, so as it was a firm bottom, I got out and scrubbed the boat before going for a walk to Studland peninsula to one of the beautiful lakes in the heath. Many birds around including large egrets, which I have never seen there before, but have seen in India man times.
Eventually I got underway for Christchurch, but there was so little wind I gave up on that, with no desire to motor all day. I motored across Poole Bay to Old harry Rocks and anchored there. Swimming and snorkeling in clear water. then I rowed my dinghy around No Man's Island and Old Harry, cutting through one of the natural arches on the way. Felt very small. Then sailed slowly to Studland beach for a walk and a swim. Sailed down wind under main and mizzen alone, and she held her course remarkably well. Finally motored from Studland back to my mooring. I have been using the Navionics charts on my mobile phone, which worked very well, but too small to see, and I can't find any way of uploading them to a useful place for viewing. Not a fully developed product.
Next week I am taking Daisy G out of the water and over to Suffolk for the English Raid. Should be interesting.

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  1. You may want to use the Navionics Application on an iPad - works really well