13 July 2012

Short windy sail (11nm 110nm total)

Risked the weather for a day to get the new sail bag fitted. It all went on easily and the mainsail is finally complete. It didn't rain, but was blowing hard F5-6 all day. I motored to Shipstal point, and after some lunch, raised just the double reefed main and tried sailing with just that. Reaches and runs well, with a fairly heavy helm. I can tack, but she sails so off the wind that you can't make ground to windward. I was tempted to break out the foresail, but decided not to as it would have added a lot of sail area and there were some very strong gusts. A proper storm jib would be and idea. I need to sort out a new lazy jack arrangement to suit the new sail bag as well, but that is another job.

Damaged the cabin hatch when I was leaning hard against it. A strip of plywood cracked off the back. Not serious and I shall reglue it when I have her back home.

Watched the tall ship Stavros Niarchos motoring and docking in Poole Quay. Very impressive to see it being moved around under such fine control in such strong winds. Also saw some boys using a strange jet suit, for want of a better word. One was connected to a jet ski by a long, large hose, which blasted water out from under his feet and elevated him about 10 feet into the air. Quite bizarre.


  1. Was it "that" silly thing ?

  2. That's the one! Looks quite extraordinary but then you realise it requires attaching yourself to a pump by a six inch hose, and it about as similar to swimming like a dolphin as pumping concrete. I am sure it is great fun the first time you use it.