7 July 2014

Fibreglassing outside of dinghy

Not a job I looked forward to. I have never done it before and I hate fibreglass. I taped all the joints, then covered the hull with a single piece of 300gm/sqm biaxial cloth. Heavier than needed, but it was wide enough to cover the bottom of the hull in one piece. Ordinary cloth would have needed two pieces as it is narrower. Poured lashings of epoxy over it all and hopefully have got it all well filled. I will do the transoms separately as there were just too many pieces in wet epoxy for one job.

It is all covered in peel ply, which I hope will give me a fairly good finish without too much faring needed. I will put another strip of tape over the top of the keel and then fit the skeg. That will be a bit of a challenge as I want to fit a wheel into it. Then after faring and sanding, I should be bale to turn her over again.

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