20 July 2014

To Yarmouth and back (45nm)

The weather was good and the tides were perfect for a weekend trip to Yarmouth. Fair current all the way there from about 10:00am for five hours, and return current the next morning from about 530 to 1030. The wind was almost non existent on Saturday so I had to motor all the way. A poor wind on the way back, so I motor sailed. Each time I did the distance in three and a half hours. I hit 9 kts going through Hurst narrows. The current there is terrifying.

Hurst castle on the way in
I like Yarmouth, but it is getting very expensive. £23 for one night for a 20 ft boat. And I didn't even sleep on board! I phoned some friends on the island to see if they were free for a drink. They said they were having a barbecue and I was fetched to join in. Even drive back to Daisy G at six in the morning.

There and back again


  1. Hi Julian, £23... that's outrageous! I have noticed prices are going up and up. The marinas in Lymington are on a similar scale. You'd think they'd at least make the showers free at that price. I bottled out of sailing on Saturday as thunderstorms were forecast.. what do they know ;)

    1. There were big storms on Friday night, but almost a flat calm on Saturday. Yarmouth is expensive. The facilities are excellent, but you shouldn't have to pay for them twice. I think next time I might carry on down teh island and anchor in Newtown river.