2 July 2014

Two glorious sunny days sailing. About 30nm

Never left the harbour, but tacked and tacked and tacked again all over the place. Motored up to Wareham one day and anchored in the Wareham channel, off the Arne peninsula. A most beautiful place with nightjars churring in the distance and foxes on the shoreline.

Dramatic sunset followed by a fingernail of moonrise.

Even the dawn was clear and sunny, which is unusual, even in the summer. I lingered for three hours before setting off. I had pulled in most of the anchor chain and forgot I had done so as I had a doze in the sunshine. woke to find I had dragged about half a mile, right across the navigable channel. Fortunately no other boats about so I didn't get clobbered. You really do need to put out enough chain!

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