10 July 2014

Skeg and skeg wheel build up

I have smeared on the first faring layers of low density epoxy and started building up the skeg with a built in wheel. I want to be able to launch easily single handed, but don't want a trolley  kicking around. I fitted a double wheel on my last dinghy which was OK but wobbled a bit. This time I am going for a single, wider wheel supported on both sides. The axle is an aluminium tube which I think will be robust enough.

Quite a lot of sanding and shaping needed before it is bonded on. The main body of the skeg is a piece of an old mahogany table top that I am gradually working my way through. I shall fit a very thin laminated mahogany keel right along to the stem, using the laminations I cut out for the stem of a canoe that I didn't build last year. That will be quite messy.

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