20 August 2010

Daisy Grace in Practical Boat Owner

I haven't been down to the boat recently, but she has been included in the review of the BayCruiser in the September edition of Practical Boat Owner. Nick Savage's no. 3 was used for the interior shots and Daisy G for the action photos (one of David Harding's Pictures to the left.) At one point in the review he says that he doesn't think a BayCruiser could beat a Hawk 20 up wind. The cheek! I beat the pants off one once. Mind you, I think they were fishing and weren't aware that I was going for glory. Hoping the weather picks up for the Bank Holiday weekend when I am hoping to take my sister out for a sail.


  1. I saw it and very fine she looked - congratulations!!

  2. Would be interested in your thoughts on the performance described in PBO. Did they have the boat setup correctly? Why do you think they could only get 4.5knots upwind in a good breeze?

    All of your writings seem suggest the Baycruiser is a much better performer than that.....