27 August 2010

Quick checkup visit 5nm (387nm total)

The weather has been miserable. I popped down to Poole just for a day to check up on Daisy G. No problems, but she is growing quite a bit of weed on the waterline where the water splashes up above the antifouling. The CopperCoat is absolutely clean, but where the ordinary paint touches the water there is a layer of green weed. I'll have to see if I can add an antifoul boot-top over the winter.

Made a few adjustments to the cleats for securing the fenders, so that they can be hung and removed a bit more quickly. Went for a short sail just under mizzen and jib, but the wind died. Had a little thrill. I noticed two yachts touching each other on some moorings, which didn't look right. When I went to have a look, one moved away and I realised it had broken its mooring. For the very first time I pressed the broadcast button on my handheld VHF and called the harbourmaster. To my surprise they heard me, even though I was well over a mile from the harbour. I told them there was a drifting yacht and a while later one of their ribs came and towed it away. I have no idea where it came from, so the owner is in for a bit of a shock, but at least it isn't damaged.

Our builders have just started laying the base for a boat shed for storing Daisy G over the winter. Should allow me to waste even more time over her.

I want to build a little tender and a shed makes that more possible too. I fancy building a "Peanut Pram" which will tax my woodworking skills. Plans are only $55 and it takes two sheets of plywood, plus bits of timber for the fittings.

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