2 August 2010

English Raid, July 2010

Just back from English Raid. Yet to deal with pictures etc. Just below should be a Youtube playlist of all the short videos I took.

Below is the route (in yellow) that my daughter and I followed (more or less, there was much more zigzagging against the current and wind), from leaving Poole on July 28 and getting back on August 1. We had 5 nights on board ( first night at Poole before we set off) and I think covered nearly 100 miles, but I have yet to work that out. More to come.
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  1. What - no video of Carpe Diem sailing past..... ;-)
    Glad you made it back o.k. following a great Raid.
    best wishes

  2. Do you know how easy it is to sail and video simultainiously? It's even harder than spelling simultaneously. I'm surprised even these ones came out. Andrew is upset that I've got Kite stuck in the mud. Pure chance, honestly.
    It was good to meet you and see CD with her auto-ballast system...

  3. and we found that same piece of mud on our way back in to haul out on Sunday!