5 September 2010

Getting near the end of the season 14nm (409nm total)

Down to Poole for a night and a day. Bright weather but the sun never blazes and the nights are coming rapidly earlier. I drove down after work and motored out to Brownsea Island to anchor out for a flat calm night. Only disturbance was the bangs of fireworks over Poole, but I couldn't see them. In the morning I fitted some small electrical conduit which I bought at Maplins to tidy up the various cables from batteries and solar panels to the radio and GPS. It was very succesful. Looks good and stops me tripping over the wires. I had to buy three times as much conduit as I needed, but I might redo the whole thing over the winter now I have got the idea.
The only other change to the boat was to the mizzen. I have rigged a conventional snotter rope (interesting term) to tension the sprit boom. It work well and it stays tight, which the original outhaul never did. The only problem is that the main sheet can snag the heel of the sprit, but I think a bit of fine tuning will help relieve that. I am also planning to move the point where the main sheet fixes to the boom further forward, which is how I think it is done on the later boats. I took out the dinghy and various bits and pieces and took them home in preparation for hauling out later in the month.

The shed progresses and is quite dominant at the head of the back garden. But hidden from view in all directions.

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