6 June 2011

Just a maintenance visit

After a beautiful day in London on Saturday it was a horrible day in Poole on Sunday. Light drizzle giving way to heavy drizzle giving way to heavy rain etc. I went anyway as I don't like to leave the boat unchecked for too long. Just motored her to the pontoon and carried out a few minor alterations. I have an old cam cleat fitted now to hold the lazy jacks/Topping lift lines, which works well and will save time when I am trying to lower or raise the sail. I have also got a proper flag pole at the top of the mizzen for my little ensign and a new storage bag just inside the cabin to hold log book, tidal stream atlas etc. And to keep me busy at home for a bit, I am fitting a pedestal support to the cockpit floor boards so that I can use the plank I use as a movable bridge deck as a cockpit table. Just hoping for some sunny weather to use said table when it is finished.
I also noticed that although I was on the boat for a couple of hours in steady rain, I felt no need of the cockpit tent, just the spray hood. I think I shall dump the tent idea.

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