20 June 2011

Windy Sunday (18nm 152nm total)

I went down late on Saturday afternoon with promise of good weather on Sunday. Sort of worked. Very windy when I got there (F5-F6) so I motored out to Shipstal Point, which has been the most sheltered spot for most of the last month (Winds in Southwest to West). Only one other boat there which is unusual for a Saturday. Wind died down and I saw a spectacular firework display over Poole Quay. Heavy rain during the night, but the morning was glorious. Very low tide with water birds and a seal all round. By 10:00 it was cloudy and fairly windy (F4ish) so I sailed reefed over to look at a new house which is rising on Green Island (sold five years or so ago for a rumoured 5-7 million pounds. I think they are also dredging a deep water mooring as well. It will be one of the best houses in England when it is finished.
View from Shipstal Hill over Poole Harbour

Anchored in semi-shelter off the north shore of Brownsea Island for a bouncy lunch (spilt most of my soup). Eventually the sun did break through, but still windy and cool. I sailed down the harbour to Rockley channel, Back up to Arne Peninsula for a short break and then stormed up towards Parkstone. Slightly disconcerted to be faced by the three masted training vessel Lord Nelson coming backwards out of Poole Quay. It was clearly the best way to manoeuver slowly out of a tight space against a strong headwind. I tacked over to Brownsea to keep well out of her way, dropped soils and put the engine on for the first time that day to motor back to the mooring. Good sailing but I long for warm sun and gentle breezes.
Lunch time anchoring, with table earning its keep.


  1. Well done - I gave up all idea of getting out this weekend and slummed around at home... round the island this weekend - bound to be flat calm!

  2. if it is anything like the last weekend it will be more like Fastnet 79 than anything else. I am tired of strong wind.

  3. "I am tired of strong wind." - amen, brother...