12 June 2011

Very mixed weekend 15nm total 134nm total

Down after work on Friday and two nights on the boat, although the forecast was mixed and correct. anchored off North shore of Brownsea Island for shelter from south wind. On Saturday night I anchored of Shipstal Point for shelter form a West wind. On Sunday morning I was woken by being bounced around by a strong north wind and heavy rain in the roof.
Just pottered round the harbour, fitted a cockpit table and on Saturday cycled, without really meaning to, from Parkstone to Studland and back. Lovely trip on a sunny day with only a bit of a hill here and there. I tried the folding bike in the cabin and it does fit, but I would only take it if I thought I really would use it.

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Quite a physical weekend, first cycling nearly 20 miles, then rowing a fair distance in the even, and then nearly having my arm wrenched out trying to hang onto the mooring buoy in F5. I gave up and dropped my boat hook. Realised that the spray hood being up was acting like a sail, so I went round, stowed it, picked up the hook and went back and got the buoy on the third attempt. Quite messy but no damage done. On the plus side, the telescopic boat hook has been jambed for a year. Now it isn't...

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