16 October 2011

Dinghy really is a boat, she floats

We launched her on the local river, which can only be used for about 50 yards between overhanging trees. She floats level and takes two quite comfortably. The longitudinal seat makes it easy to balance, but I need to move the rowlocks closer to the stem. Other than that I am very pleased. I can really say I have built  a boat now.

I am still working on tidying up the wiring in Daisy G and I have now got a spur for navigation lights, to be fit at some stage. I still need to fit a spur for lights in the forepeak, which I want to improve reading in bed. Not sure the winter is long enough to get it all done.


  1. Dinghy looks great Julian, a fine achievement. Andy

  2. I'm building this boat myself at the moment. Great blog! This is my first attempt and am getting lot's of great tidbits.