29 October 2011

Let there be even more light

I have fitted two small switchable LED light units over the Vee berth. Very pleased with the results. I now have controllable light in all parts. The total wattage of all internal lights is less than 4 watts, so the battery and solar panel (rated at 10 Watts) should be able to cope easily.
One curious discovery. The lights are mounted on a plywood base, which I hollowed out to hold the connections. I marked the fitting positions with a ball point pen. when I painted the base, by the time the paint dried, the pen marks had migrated to the surface. After a second coat, the same thin. It looked like I had drawn with the pen on top of the paint. Very curious.

I am also planning to make two very small book shelves either side of the big shelf in the fore peak. It is too low and shallow to allow books to be fore-and-aft, but I can get in a few side to side. So much for getting junk off the boat


  1. Hi Julian, great lights can you share where you got them from? Andy

  2. I got the lights from Piplers Chandlery in Poole from their online shop
    They seemed good value at £17 each. Piplers also do some LED navigation lights at £20 each which I am very tempted ot fit. I saw them in the shop over the summer and they seemed remarkably bright for single LEDs and much cheaper than most other LED sets. The attraction is the very small power consumption at about 0.5W per light

  3. Thanks Julian, I will take a look. I currently plan to use the small stick up LED lights that use AAA batteries but I wilL see how they go. Bit of a way to go before i need them though!

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