5 November 2012

Painting progresses

Cabin superstructure painted and hardwood stained. I will do the side and fore decks next and then move around the back of the boat. It is really cold, but the paint seems to be drying and setting well. No sign of it lifting off with the masking tape, which sometimes happens.

I am staining the hardwood trim with Sikkens Filter seven, which was used originally and seems to work very well. Some people don't like the matt finish, but I prefer it. My shiny varnish never looks good, and gets scraped as soon as I start sailing.

Starting to refit ropes to the cabin top. I have washed the jibs sheets in the washing machine and they have come up soft and as new. I want to replace the main sheet as it is really not quite long enough. It used to be the jib halyard, and it is about a meter too short for ideal. I may wait until the West Midlands Boat Jumble in February. Always a good place to get rope.

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