17 December 2012

Intermediate frames in (1hr)

I have fitted the remaining frames. They pop out of the plywood sheeting easily. I fitted them according to the dimensions, but the stern seems to come out slightly shorter than the bow. They are meant to be identical. Probably my workmanship.
I have pushed the first stringer into place on each side as this is the one which sets the symmetry of the whole set up. This is a tight fit, but it has to be. Gentle tapping with a soft mallet has got everything lining up quite well.
I think the central frame is fractionally too narrow, as the line of the stringer is pinched in slightly at the middle. Little I can do about it with precut frames, but a point to note for the designer. Interestingly, if I pop the stringer out of the centre frame, it adopts a much smoother line around the centre, but its line towards each end then becomes pinched. Getting a boat fair is really not a trivial matter, and this canoe is effectively a prototype.

The large keel timber is temporary. It is effectively a straight edge which clips over the true keel, which is only 10x10mm, to keep it straight. When all the stringers are fixed, it comes off. The stringers are fixed with Sikaflex and a copper ring barbed nail through a pre-drilled pilot hole. Seems to work well.

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