9 December 2012

Too cold to do much

It is too cold to really want to spend too much time in an unheated shed. Not great for painting anyway. I tried out the blanking plate with the engine in position. It can certainly be put in and taken out, but it is quite tight. I will need to practise how it is best done so I can do it without thinking. Whether having the well full of water will help or hinder I don't know. What I did find is that it is all too easy to drop the blanking plate right through the hole through the bottom of the boat. Not a thing to do at sea.

I have been sanding the hardwood trim around the cockpit. It had far to many white paint streaks on it last season. The next thing is to mask it all off and restain it, before painting inside the cockpit. I hope that it will all look quite smart eventually. Updated my on board art gallery with some new pictures I did over the summer. One copy of a Klimt painting of "Eve" came out surprisingly well. I even finished it, which he never did.

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