16 December 2012

Started on Canoe (4 hours)

First stages of building my flax canoe started. Screwed together the building frame, and then set up the stem and stern pieces. The tricky part is that nothing is absolutely straight, even the bits that are meant to be. The building frame has a slight curve in it, but the designer told me the critical thing is to get the keel straight. He has set up a board with carefully fixed blocks which is clipped over the  keel to do just that.  Eyeing in everything also helps.

I had to do some post gluing adjustments when I realised there is meant to be about an inch of rocker in the keel, where I had thought it straight. The curve is now in it, but that meant putting in a spacer to fill in where I had cut the keel a bit short. Only one cut so far and I got that wrong! But not a show stopper. Once the glue has cured, the remaining frames need to be fitted, and then the stringers to give it its basic shape. Sounds simple...

I also stained some of the woodwork on Daisy G. It is cold, so it will take a while to dry. Not ideal conditions for paint and varnish.

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