9 March 2013

Gear lever extension

The engine is back from servicing, looking very good and all stiff bits now move freely. I am always surprised by how small the water pump impeller is. Doesn't look big enough to do anything.
I have tried a modification that I can't assess until afloat. Reaching down to the gear lever right down on one side has always been tricky when doing complicated manoeuvres in a marina. I have extended it with a cut off piece of my old wooden tiller extension. There is a bolt hole in the lever, so I have secured it all in place with one bolt through that. It seems to work fine but is a bit flexible due to the lever on the engine being a rather thin plastic moulding. The important thing will be not to over push it in a panic to get some reverse thrust braking...

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  1. I enjoy checking out your blog and watching your developments. I came to the same conclusion with the OB shifter extension. Some photos on my little blog:

    Take care and thanks for sharing.