8 March 2013

Painting pretty well complete

Had the anxious moment today when I peeled off the masking tape either side of the white boot topping. I had a horrible feeling half the hull paint would come off with it. But no, it peeled off with very little problem, leaving a very smart looking hull. Just a couple of spots to touch up near the waterline. The rollered gloss finish has really come out very satisfyingly shiny. The season's test will be to see how well the Dulux super structure paint lasts, six months on a mooring.

I added oak wedges under the repositioned mizzen cleats, just to get a slightly better cleating angle on them. Seems to all have worked well. I just need to check the lighting board, reinstall the outboard (which is waiting to be collected), and all being well, I should just about be ready to head for the slipway. Can't do that before Easter, so I may make a bit of progress on the canoe over the next couple of weeks, if I can get a bit of UV rich sunshine.

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