4 March 2013

Hull painted

It warmed up today, and I had a spare hour in the evening, so I pressed on and painted Daisy G's hull. All seemed to go on easily. I am just applying a single top coat, so no depth of colour to build up. Good thing to, a single coat uses most of a can of Toplac. Ordinary manila coloured masking tape is remarkably hard to see. I have gone right over it in a few places onto the boot top. But I am going to redo that next so it shouldn't be a problem. I use a roller and a foam brush for awkward details. It seems to leave a very bobbly surface, but all being well it will smooth off. I find a roller finish is the best I can achieve. INevitable, there are small slivers of wood showing here and there between strps of masking tape, and inevitably those are the only points at which painted has dribbled over the tape. A touch of the sandr and a bit of Filter seven shoudl tidy it up.
I tested both life jackets this morning. One inflated fine, the other not so well. When I checked it over, the CO2 bottle had come loose. So the magazines are right, you should always check they haven't worked loose. It came up fine using a spare gas bottle. Now I need to buy more pare bottles. Worth it to avoid drowning. Deflating the jackets is really quite difficult.

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