15 July 2013

Another baking hot weekend

Mediterranean weather continues and we can't really believe it. Down for just one night and really didn't sail far as there was little or no wind for much of the time. Sailed out to the beaches for a swim and then anchored behind Studland Peninsula for the night. Fabulous sunset, but then I realised that where I was would be fully dried out in the morning, so I moved anchorage slightly, with navigation lights on! The single LED lights are really remarkably bright. I rowed around the boat to see what they looked like from a distance. I would like the stern light to be higher, but not much I can do about that.

Next day I just drifted with the tide, there was no wind all morning. I anchored in the shallows off Furzey Island and went over board to scrape barnacles off. There were a lot, despite the Coppercoat anti-fouling. Maybe it is loosing it potency. Much swimming and snorkeling In the afternoon a good breeze finally arose, so I had a lovely sail back to the marina. I spent most of the first day with the ballast tanks pumped out, but as before, I really don't notice much difference in performance, so I refilled them. The stern tank does not pump dry at all, I had to finish it off through the hatch. I also added to the web of the lazy jacks, which now lift the boom up properly, which lightens the load when raising the main sail.

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