8 July 2013

Summer sailing at last (27.2nm, annual total 148.4nm)

Spent two days just sailing around in the hot sunshine. First time for years. First day around the Harbour and Poole Bay, where it was like the Mediterranean, then Sunday I sailed the length of the Harbour, from the Wareham Channel to Bramblebush Bay, taking over 4 hours. Never exceeded 1.1kts, but it was a delight. Passed the swimmers. who were having their annual race around Brownsea Island. They were going faster than I was. Had to use my paddle a few times just to avoid bumping into anchored yachts. Finished off swimming and snorkeling around Daisy G. where I noticed she has a lot of barnacles growing on her coppercoat. I suspect it is because I have done so little sailing this year. I shall give her a good scrape next time I am down if it is warm enough to get back in the water.
Interesting encounters whilst out. A little Paradox yulohed past me, and the skipper called across to me by name, which is always surprising. He said he read this blog, so hello back, if you read it some more. He was down to Poole to join the other two UK Paradoxes for a get together. I saw one of the others, but not the third. Very distinctive little boats. Then a seal surfaced near me and gave me a good looking at before he submerged and swam off. The water was only about 3 feet deep, so he must have been bellying along the bottom. Then I saw (although this is not in any temporal sequence) that there was a Drascombe owners rally under way. There were 11 or twelve moored up under Brownsea, with smoke of barbecues wafting around. Everyone was enjoying the summer.


  1. It was a great weekend!
    I was there from the Thursday to late Monday.
    Thursday night was spent at Wareham, Friday at Shipstal and both Saturday and Sunday at Goathorn which is a real treat.

    I thought I saw you late Saturday night at Goathorn just after I'd moored for the night.

    My photos here:

  2. Hi Pete
    It was a wonderful weekend. I saw two of the Paradoxes, but not yours. You have a ownderful boat for nosing around the shallows of Poole Harbour. There are big areas that even I can't get into with a 14inch draft. Were you anchored over by the Drascombes? They do seem to love rafting up en-masse.